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The World’s Moving Fast.
Here’s How You Keep Up

Self-service BI platforms like Power BI truly enable your organisation to make faster decisions.

You can now unify data like never before, and users can tell stories through powerful visualisations without IT support. It sounds too good to be true. But what your users don’t see is the data architecture Power BI relies on for up-to-the-minute analytics. Your data’s got to be fast, and it has to make sense for each business unit integrating it.

Implementing Power BI without high-performing data will do nothing but frustrate your users. Trust Cobalt Analytics to keep your data available, infinitely scalable and performing like it should.

Your Journey to Modern, Self-Service Analytics

Move from a reactive and segmented analytics model to a truly transformative business. Cobalt Analytics works with each client project to guide them on their journey to analytics maturity and becoming a more data driven organisation.


Structured data from LOB apps is transacted and locally managed.


Structured data managed and analysed centrally informs business.


Data capture is comprehensive and scalable and informs business decisions.


Data transforms business to drive outcomes. Any data any source, anywhere at scale.

Want to Learn Power BI? Cobalt Training Helps You Skill-Up

Don’t learn Power BI alone. Cobalt Analytics helps you make sense of modern analytics.

Implementing Power BI in your Organisation?

Learn to avoid the major project pitfalls with our free ebook, “7 biggest Power BI roll-out mistakes and how to avoid them”

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With the right technical expertise, you can harness Power BI in ways you never thought possible.