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A Lot Can Go Wrong in Your Power BI Environment

New technology paired with users in control of their data takes a lot of skill to get right.

lot can go wrong once you democratise data throughout an organisation. Your knowledge of the platform must grow. And all the work that comes along with a new technology program like Power BI can seem impossible to keep up with. Problems throughout your data platform could sink your Power BI program before it even launches. 

We understand how frustrating it is to implement new technologies without expert resources or support. Cobalt Analytics helps you execute your Power BI programs with the expert-level troubleshooting and services you need. 

What if Everything Could be Easier?

While you work to enable the awareness and adoption of Power BI, Cobalt Analytics enables your developers by providing architectural and implementation support.

at the Core

We listen to your unique challenges and co-create solutions you can implement in your own way, with your unique requirements.


Even the best development plans sometimes fall short of business expectations. We prioritise features and fixes that remove friction from the end-user’s Power BI experience.

Performance That
Makes an Impact

Nothing wastes time and money like slow reports from poorly performing data models. We work to harmonise and integrate your systems to streamline your life.

We Believe in the Power of Power BI

As your company crafts a Power BI program strategy, it’s your job to facilitate a seamless and scalable roll-out, then it’s on you to monitor the multiple releases every year, and help your users get the most out of their reports.

You’re not only responsible for the centralised management of Power BI, but you’re now also in charge of the data it depends on—its performance and integrity.

That’s where we come in: Cobalt Analytics is your trusted expert to enable Power BI across your entire company.

Cobalt Analytics Delivers Analytics that Work

We make your analytics projects easy to understand and simple to implement

Report and
Visualisation Design

Data Model Report

Data Architecture

Modern Data Warehousing
with Azure Synapse Analytics

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Here's How We Work Together

Let's Talk

We start by understanding your challenges with Power BI, your processes, and the people who are most affected.

We'll Put Our
Heads Together

We’ll partner with you to develop secure and scalable reports, backed by highly performing data systems to meet your business needs.

And Support You
Every Step of the Way

Power BI constantly changes as the platform evolves. When you hit the next phase of growth in your strategic analytics journey, we can be there to make sure you reap the benefits of new features.

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